Is student union the communication channel ?

Is student union the communication channel between school with students?

Sometimes some Student Representatives consider themselves are the "breidge", to communicate other students woth school officials. Be a "bridge", it implies a hypothetical condition that one stand need to be communicated. Or we need the third position to help us to begin the communication.

This hypothesis, unfortunately, often saw at the behavior of the "autonomic team." For example, a forum that students, school officials and student union attended, what's the Student Representatives' role? A detached representative means a non- Voiced Representative.
The problem is why the Representative can choose the detached position?
Based to the source of his right, How can he avoid the duty, be a tongue of his voters? Maybe some persons think the public is not always rational, and we need a calm and neutral stand people help us to sit and thinking. I donot deny some voice from studnets maybe emotional, but that does not mean the Representative can choose to pick them up and neglect this part. Because these quesiotn "Are their opinions valuable? important? rational? and so on." should judged by a norm (decided by vote at the meeting of the Student Conference), and should not judge personally.
For example, some students request 24-hour-hot-shower in their dorm. the epresentative replied that School does not have sufficient funds. The problem is what's the difference between the school officials with Student Representative?
The Representative can choose another positive method. Under the limit funds, we can choose to use fund in a proper prder. The Representative negotiate with school officials to decide what fee should be lateer or earlier.
Original:May 15 2001