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國家地理雜誌訂戶權益the right of subscriber of [National Geographic Magazine]


If you are the subscriber of [National Geographic Magazine], please notice this announcement. This right were taken granted by [National Geographic Magazine]. After paid for a subscription to the [National Geographic Magazine], if its publisher did not operate well and face the financial difficulties, the right of a subscriber will be decided by the next publisher who carry on the task of the former publisher without any constraint.
We hope the subscriber of [National Geographic Magazine] notice this point because this point was understood after a unfortunately event occurred in Taiwan. Because this lesson were learned after Taiwan's subscribers large paid, we hope other persons can avoid the same disaster.
And let the [National Geographic Magazine] understand the power of knowledge.
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大地發行權移轉 訂戶不滿訂閱期縮水 【2002/12/11 聯合報】