the possibility of social software

If the social software was defined as the media/tools to prompt social activities, than social software is not first created. By means of BBS, Email, Messenger and other software also help us to expand the networks of relationship. But is the social software has another possibility to involve the public region?

I thought there are two problems of public region:
One is the short period to focus the public event, and another is the skin bases to begin the public discussion.
An unbelievable news said that “Because the accident of X-transportation corp., two current officers was fallen out of power. But they doubt why they have to leave the office, they are not the person who actually did the decision.” Why their boss decide so! I think the only thing reasonable is they want the attention of public media to shift their attention to another things.
Should the long-term watching of public affairs got to depend on these journalists?
How social software to solve the two weakness?
First: the module of future calendar
If a politician makes a promise with clear or specific date, we may use this module to track that.
Second: entire arguments of two sides
We need collect and organize two sides arguments to begin the discussion of public affairs.
Except the trial using of many software(ex: Trouble Ticket Tracking of CRM), we still need more imagination and discussion of possibilities of social software.