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100字談Wiki、Blog (100 words to describe Wiki or Blog)



Sometimes some friends asked me what is Wiki or Blog? It's not easy to describe them in couples minutes. Because these "technologies" is still in developmental, sometimes we are not discover them, but to construct their form/styles.

關於 Wiki
* 社群彼此協力地進行撰寫文件,也許是翻譯計畫或者把有被問到爛掉的問題,製作成FAQ,或者是Wikipedia的開放性百科全書、 SARS 的集體書寫(網頁備份)、詐騙手法收集(網頁備份)、書籍管理、應用在教學層面上 、或者只是單純的個人書籤管理、留言版等等。
About Wiki
* The communnity cooperate to write documents. It may be a project of translation. Or the FAQ, open encyclopedia, team works of SARS, the collection of conmanship, to apply to education, the management of books. Or just personal bookmarls, guest books.
關於 Blog
* 不用懂電腦、不用懂如何寫網頁語法,Blog提供很簡單的介面進行書寫與朋友一起分享。
About Blog
* Even you didnot understand computer, or the markup language of html, Blog is the simple interface to write and share your feelings.
2007-09-11 更新網站連結 與 增加網頁備份連結