the possible solutions of not found webpage

== find the backup ==
=== you can keyin the address to find the backup ===
* Google cache

* Internet Archive Wayback Machine*/address

=== you can keyin the title of webpage ===

* the search engine of local website

* using the site search by Google or Openfind
Usage: title site:address
ex: Workflow Management System
not suggest

* sometimes, other people kept the backup at their webstie

* browse the internet temporatory files at personal PC
location of IE:C:\Documents and Settings\account name\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files
loation of other browser: click this link

== correct the mistake of address ==
=== write the symbol / as \ (sometimes it appeals %5C ) ===
(W) means Wrong; (C) means Correct





=== the wrong hierarchy of directory ===


The author points the webpage to their hard disk, we may correct this by referring to the hierarchy of website directories.
(W) file:///C:/folder1/floder2/bb/file.htm

From the menu of homepage, we may understand the hierarchy of website. For example, there are three directories, ex: aa, bb. So we correct as following,
(C) http://website.url/bb/file.htm

=== the transferring of 3rd website failed ===
Some blog will refer to external links but the transferring failed.
(W) http://website.url/


== Above methods are failed ==
Write an email to the author of that website :)

PS: the tools/services of webpage backup
(1) tools
* the Mozilla FireFox: ScrapBook

(2)web services
* LookSmart's Furl with bookmarklet tools
* Yahoo My Web: Save the queried webpage

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Updated 2005-12-08: add the cache location of other browser