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CNET News.com Blog 100 lists

中時部落格「2005第一屆全球華文部落格大獎」不同,由CNET News.com的編輯與採訪記者,挑選出CNET News.com's Blog 100


Coming Soon | CNET News.com提到關於(1)Blog與(2)好的Blog是如何界定的。由於Blog的定義不易取得共識,所以採取寬鬆的(liberal)方式。但最基本的底線是,Blog是由一個或多位熱情的作者提供在他們領域中豐富的資訊。

The bottom line is that they all are produced by passionate people who have a wealth of information about their corner of the tech world.



Some are valued solely for their aggregation of pertinent news, while others have formed a devoted following based on the robust and educated comments of their readers. Still others have become popular because of their humor or for the biting tone of their writers' opinions.

* IMTTAward2003 - Jedi's Kwiki 2003年 癸未部落格隨便獎
* 愛麗絲夢遊部落格仙境: 中時部落格「2005第一屆全球華文部落格大獎」活動辦法公佈 2005-10-05